Reducing risk exposure for our clients…and theirs

The risks associated with data loss are a significant consideration for all organisations.

Here’s how we worked with an international FTSE 100 Insurance Company to rapidly understand their data loss risks and implement a solution that enabled them to successfully mitigate those risks.


In order to ensure the privacy of their most sensitive data this client needed to rapidly develop a detailed understanding of the data loss risks incumbent in their current process with specific reference to special category data. 

A solution was required to address the issues and risks identified, procured against detailed requirements and piloted prior to successful implementation.

Our solution

Our approach is always to work in alliance with clients to help them achieve their end goal. 

We worked with this client to carry out a detailed problem analysis with global stakeholders, process redesign, procurement and piloting of the proposed solution to enable refinements prior to successful global rollout.

This required the provision of specialist end to end analysis and change management input to deliver a tailored implementation approach which included; identification of risks and failure points in the current process; detailed solution requirements developed in alliance with global stakeholders spanning the UK, Europe and as far afield as Thailand and the USA; capability assessment of potential vendors against the requirements including vendor interviews; re-design of processes and configuration of new system; delivery of testing, communication and training strategies; creation and trial of a delivery blue-print for phased roll out to the entire group.

The new solution was successfully implemented and effectively reduced the exposure to risk for the organisation and their clients.

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