Preparing for large-scale HR transformation

The capability, maturity and technologies used within an organisation’s HR function can often be overlooked, especially where there has been significant growth or change over a relatively short period.

Here’s how we assessed the feasibility of a large-scale HR transformation programme for one of our clients, using creative solutions to capitalise on available resource and develop knowledge and skills within the organisation, supporting long term sustainable change.


Our client had ambitious goals to radically transform their HR function, but our initial analysis confirmed that the level of change needed to enable a transformation was greater than could realistically be delivered within the available budget and timescales. Not only this, but our analysis also revealed a significant knowledge and skills gap within the organisation that, if not addressed, presented a major risk to the to the implementation of the proposed transformation. A creative solution was needed that would enable the organisation to realise significant benefits while working within the planned budget, timescales, and available resource.

Our Solution

We worked in alliance with our client to design a solution that would deliver short term benefits and simultaneously build the HR team’s change capability, in readiness for the future transformation. Working with the senior management team, and their direct reports, we provided training and support that equipped them with the skills and ability to understand and document their current business processes. As part of this training, we demonstrated methods that enabled them to identify opportunities for improvement without the need for technical change.

Design and delivery of the training required to support this was based around business process modelling, using a simplified version of BPMN 2.0, blended with lean methods to retain value-add and eliminate waste.

Our consultant also provided an assurance role to the HR team which supported the validation and prioritisation of proposed changes to support sustainability.

The HR function were able to introduce significant improvements to their processes and services offered and continued to do this whilst also preparing for a future transformation.

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