How we work

The service and support we provide depends entirely on what our clients need, regardless of scope. The projects we work on are incredibly diverse, from implementing small-scale change initiatives to leading global changes in multi-national companies. Depending on our client’s needs we can tailor the provision of resources, drawing on our trusted network of proven, high-calibre associates.

Our most recent and ongoing work has involved process or service improvement, delivery of new IT systems supporting business change and enhancements to internal tech systems. We also have significant experience of working with the NHS, delivering care pathway redesign, commissioner service reviews and the implementation of Electronic Patient Records.

    Delivering large scale transformation

    A reliable, well-designed ICT service support function is fundamental to keeping large organisations working.

    Here’s how we worked with a large public sector client to deliver the building blocks of a large-scale transformation programme, on behalf of multiple stakeholders, that would enable the set up of a new ICT service and support function.

    Overcoming the challenges of ‘lockdown’

    The first ‘Lockdown’ was a time of great upheaval and challenge for every organisation, with the rapid shift to home-based working resulting in operational issues for our client.

    Here’s how we helped a mutual society to identify and implement operational efficiencies in ‘back office’ processes, resulting in approx. 10-15% reduction in processing time, improved process standardisation and providing the information required to drive further improvement and develop a resource plan to meet ambitious corporate targets.

    Retaining quality of care while releasing significant savings.

    Here’s how we worked with a large public sector provider to deliver rapid improvement initiatives, aligned with the adoption of electronic patient records, to deliver the savings required to support their bid to gain Foundation Trust status.

    Reducing risk exposure for our clients…and theirs

    The risks associated with data loss are a significant consideration for all organisations.

    Here’s how we worked with an international FTSE 100 Insurance Company to rapidly understand their data loss risks and implement a solution that enabled them to successfully mitigate those risks.